we need you!

Did you know that Fetch & Releash is a 100% volunteer run organization? With no paid staff, we rely heavily on our dedicated and selfless volunteers to help us rescue and rehome dogs in need. From casual opportunities to more active roles on our core team, there are so many ways to get involved in the rescue movement!


Melissa's story

When I met the amazing women that started Fetch & Releash almost 2 years ago, I knew that I wanted to get involved in any way that I could. From dog walking to dog washing, fundraising and events, transporting for vet appointments to pick ups and drop offs, there is always something that volunteers can help with.

What I have found most rewarding is joining the adoption team and helping with the screening process to find the best furever homes for our amazing pups. I enjoy speaking with all the incredible people out there who are fellow dog-lovers and hearing the many reasons for wanting to open their homes and welcome a rescue dog into their families.

I am so grateful for the experiences I have had with the Fetch & Releash family and feel so fortunate to be able to play a small part in the journey of so many beautiful dogs that have been rescued and re-homed. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone to get involved in any way you can!


michelle's story

I knew adopting a dog would be a big life change and a huge responsibility. However, I never in a million years could have grasped just how much my life, and myself as a person would change - for the better. Shortly after adopting Pepita, I felt a strong need to give back. I had the most unrealistic want to save ALL the dogs - they were all worthy of homes and it wasn’t fair some were adopted while others weren’t… but I like to think of myself as a reasonable person and I knew that was just not reasonable thinking. So, instead of making the impossible promise of adopting every single dog out there, I decided to remain realistic and find another way to give back – and that was to volunteer for the same rescue group that had brought Pepita from Mexico to Toronto.

My volunteer work has led me to newfound friendships with some of the kindest and hard working women I’m lucky to know and has quickly become a very important and meaningful part of my life. It has made me into a more strong, motivated, and humble person. I discovered the power of my voice, something I knew was always within me but didn’t know how to bring about, or was too afraid or insecure to do so. Turns out, a passionate and worthy cause was all I was missing……and a three legged companion.


jady's story

I knew from a young age that animals were a passion of mine. I was drawn towards any animal I passed, but especially to those in need. I was a rescuer of stray birds, a safe-keeper of eggs, and the girl that brushed my horse twice so he felt twice as loved. I learned about Fetch & Releash from a close friend, and I was amazed at the number of dogs that were being saved and rehomed by them.

I found that I was at a point in life where I could give some extra hours, and  I knew I wanted in. In my role as an Adoption Coordinator, I work with prospective families throughout the entire adoption process. Seeing the ‘Happy Tail’ post for a dog that I helped rehome brings me an immense amount of happiness. This is sappy, but easy for me to admit - I am still brought to tears seeing the dogs I’m involved with find their forever families. My role is perfect for me, and I absolutely love it.

In my short time with Fetch & Releash, I’ve realized the sheer number of people and roles that are involved in the adoption of one dog. Our Foster and Adoption teams get these dogs into their homes, yes, but not without the help of dog transporters, photographers, dog walkers, those who lend a couple of hours to help with an event, etc. Every single role is so important, and with our volunteers, we’re able to achieve our mission.

I do it because of the community and relationships I’ve built through it. The experience of volunteering with Fetch & Releash is like no other – we’re family, and I feel so connected to everything we do and everyone I meet along the way.