Dog Foster Application

fetch & releash needs you! Why Foster?

Fostering is one of the most important and impactful jobs in rescue. Since we don’t have a physical shelter, we rely on our amazing network of volunteer foster families to save dogs in need!

We provide everything you need i.e. food, bed, dishes, leash, crate, vet care etc. You just provide the love and a safe place to crash!

Date of Application *
Date of Application
Full Name *
Full Name
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Phone Number
Address *
(So we can share your pictures with potential adopters!!)
Have you ever been convicted of a felony or animal cruelty? *
If so, a dog can live well over 10 years and requires a major commitment of time, finances and emotion. In your own words, please tell us WHY do you feel you can make that kind of commitment at this time.
Have you ever fostered an animal before? *
Do you drive and have access to a vehicle? *
What’s your current living arrangement?
Do you have a backyard? If so, is it fully-fenced? *
If apartment or condo, do you have a sunroom/balcony? *
Is your home air conditioned? *
Do you rent or own? *
What kind of community? *
Be as specific as possible.
Be as specific as possible.
Do all members of your household agree to fostering? *
Do any members of your household have animal allergies? *
Describe the atmosphere at your home. *
Other details:
Who will be responsible for feeding the dog? *
Who will be responsible for training the dog? *
Who will be responsible for walking the dog? *
Are you prepared for an adjustment period while the dog gets comfortable around you and your home? *
Note: adjustments meaning barking, accidents, pulling on leash, chewing, potential conflicts with other animals.
Do you have any pets at home? *
Could you tell us how many? *
What kind of pets are they? *
Check all that apply
Are you current pets up-to-date on vaccines?
Are they spayed/neutered? *
Are they?
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Have you ever owned a pet in the past that is no longer with you? *
How many did you have? *
What kind of pets were they? *
Check all that apply
Were they all spayed/neutered?
(Died of old age? Were they given away? If so, why? Other?)
Have you ever bred your pets? *
(Breed limitations, size/breed preference, general behaviour, cat friendly, kid friendly, etc.)
What size of dog can you foster? *
Check all that apply
When are you ready to start fostering? *
Will you be able to bring the dog to vet appointments, adoption events, etc.? *
How long are you committed to fostering a dog? *
Please plan for 6-8 weeks on average.
What level of energy do you prefer your foster dog to have? *
How will you discipline or correct your foster dog? *
How much time will your foster dog spend away from you? * *
How much daily exercise can you provide? *
Are you willing to foster dogs with special needs? *
Check all that apply.
Please indicate your level of dog experience: *
Most of the dogs coming in from international sanctuaries and rescues have been living outside for some time so an adjustment time or complete re-housetraining is typically required. We can’t guarantee any dogs will be house trained. Are you prepared to deal with the housetraining process and any challenges that may come with it? *
Must be 18+ and not an immediate relative who lives in your home.
Reference #1
*Note: If you live with someone (not a significant other), please provide their contact details as your first reference.
How long have you known eachother? *
Reference #2
Note: This person should not live in the same household as you.
How long have you known eachother?
I agree to provide 72 hours notice of my intent to rehome my foster dog, unless it is an immediate emergency. *
I understand that any misrepresentation of the above information authorizes Fetch & Releash to deny any application, and/or reclaim the dog that is in my home. I acknowledge that Fetch & Releash cannot guarantee any dogs against parasites, diseases or destructive behaviour. I will not hold Fetch & Releash responsible, nor seek any compensation for damages, medical fees or other liabilities incurred by the dog I foster. *